From Silos, to Sledge Hockey, to Corporate Success!

Do you need to pull your team out of a slump? Is everyone in your company truly aligned with your corporate strategy? Are your “teams” of employees actually operating in silos? Could sledge hockey be the answer?


In an open and real conversation, former Paralympic athlete Kevin Rempel, “Remps” to those who know him, will engage, motivate, train and align your team with your corporate strategy. He will give you the competitive advantage you need in today’s marketplace. How? By playing a “friendly” game of sledge hockey of course!

Corporate strategy takes a long time to develop and an even longer time to implement. A two, three or even five year commitment, aligning corporate strategy across all business units, is not unheard of. Keeping both individuals and teams motivated toward a common goal throughout this process can be challenging. Fortunately, this is an environment a Paralympic athlete is VERY familiar with.

As a Paralympic sledge hockey athlete, not only was Kevin Rempel committed to achieving his own individual training goals, it was also necessary that he be fully immersed in working collectively with every member of the Canadian sledge hockey team, aiding their joint quest for Paralympic success.

Co-operation, and working together, (and not in silos) is how the team won a Bronze medal at the Sochi Paralympics, and working together (not in silos) is how your company will gain and maintain a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Utilizing the Sledge Hockey Experience, “Remps” will guide your team through a unique team-building opportunity that is equal parts fast, motivational and engaging, one that is guaranteed to foster a cohesive working environment.

A successful author, a self-confessed adrenaline junkie, a Paralympic level athlete and a successful entrepreneur, invite Kevin Rempel to share his inspirational stories, from wheelchairs to walking, from victim to victorious. Reach out to “Remps” today about his carefully designed corporate team building Sledge Hockey Experience. It is conveniently offered in Bronze, Silver and Gold Medal packages suitable for any corporate budget. Let his infectious energy motivate your team to work together toward the common goal of corporate success, taking your staff from silos to synergy just by sliding on a sled! Strengthen teamwork, celebrate diversity and gain critical corporate strategic alignment by ensuring every cross-functional team in your organization is focused on the same overall goal. Contact “Remps” today at