When is CSR a competitive advantage? When it’s done the sledge hockey way!

Organizations are constantly seeking unique, singular and defining ways to separate themselves from the competition. By embracing corporate social responsibility as both the right thing to do and as a tool that drives business sustainability, corporations can earn a very real, and brand specific, competitive advantage in a crowded and “noisy” economy.

How can you ensure your business stands out in an increasingly overpopulated social media savvy world?

The surefire answer to that is: play sledge hockey!

Former Paralympic medal winning athlete Kevin Rempel has designed a program that will help your organization address the issue of corporate social responsibility as a means of creating a competitive advantage. By fostering teamwork, respecting and celebrating diversity and encouraging staff to work together towards a common goal, Kevin creates an atmosphere of “winning at business” much like he and the Team Canada sledge hockey team worked collectively on winning at the Paralympics.

Here is how this might look for your organization: Lexicon.ft.com defines corporate social responsibility as “a very broad concept that addresses many and various topics such as human rights, corporate governance, health and safety, environmental effects and working conditions.” (1) Kevin Rempel and the Sledge Hockey Experience take it one step further.

He believes CSR is a method of corporate philanthropy that suggests by investing in the people who work for you and in the community and world outside your organization, your corporate branding becomes synonymous with “good works.”  This encourages the consumer to look upon the corporation favourably creating a competitive advantage simply by doing the right thing.

Kevin Rempel works together with organizations to drive change from within through sport. Operating the Sledge Hockey Experience, Kevin shares his story of triumph over adversity by exposing corporate employees to the experience of suiting up in hockey gear, climbing on board a sled and learning to navigate through a game by working together with fellow members of your corporate team. Learning first hand about the different mobility challenges faced by a paralympic athlete provides your employees with:

  • a deeper level of understanding of the world around them
  • how to work together as a team

  • how to navigate the world as a person with challenges

  • the opportunity to foster a level of social responsibility at work

  • a deeper understanding of respect and diversity at work

  • an experience that will change their perceptions and those of your organization, driving change from within

Corporations are constantly seeking a competitive edge, a way to distinguish themselves from others. Equal parts fun and educational, the Sledge Hockey Experience is a unique method of fostering team development, engaging employees and driving home the dual powerful messages of developing corporate social responsibility and fostering respect and diversity in the workplace. Available in Bronze, Silver and Gold packages, the Sledge Hockey Experience drives social change and innovation.

Find out more today at www.playsledgehockey.com