Recruitment Nightmares? “Dream Outside the Box!"

The challenge of attracting and retaining top corporate talent is something that keeps even the most dedicated recruiter awake at night. How to source top talent, how to keep them happy in the workplace and how to actively engage employees once they are a part of your organization is an ongoing and increasingly difficult task. By dreaming big, however, dreaming “outside of the box,” The Sledge Hockey Experience, hosted by former Paralympic athlete Kevin Rempel, will help turn your worst recruiting nightmare into a picture perfect reality will help engage your employees and support you in your recruiting process.

Corporations looking to both attract and retain top talent need to consider new and innovative ways to do so. Social media plays an increasingly important role and as much as recruiters are checking out the personal Facebook posts of potential candidates, so too are your candidates checking you out on social media.  What are you doing differently that intrigues a potential employee and that might tip the edge in your favour in terms of solidifying a candidate's decision to join your organization? Offering (and posting voraciously about) training and team building opportunities that are creative and unique, might just earn you a competitive advantage in the recruiting arena.

Recruiters often ask: “What’s your dream job?” Well, perhaps the answer is; “somewhere that not only values my ability to work as a team and the contributions I make but also actively encourages me through corporate team-building initiatives.  A simple Google search will quickly show The Sledge Hockey Experience is a stand alone (and stand out!) team building experience that will help elevate your team to a whole new level of competence, engagement, and commitment toward the common goal of corporate success. It’s attraction and retention all nicely gift wrapped on a sled.

According to past participants, The Sledge Hockey Experience as a team building exercise promises “a great experience for my whole team,” and creates an environment where “we are all equal.” Combined with the motivational commentary of Kevin Rempel, the Sledge Hockey Experience helps build a team environment where new members quickly bond with experienced employees because everyone is dropped equally into the new and unfamiliar environment of sledge hockey and must learn to rely on one another to succeed.

Said one participant, “When you tip over, it takes the team to help you get back up and keep going.”

Doug Crowe, of RBC, had this to say about his recent foray onto the ice: “It’s the best team experience I’ve seen in almost 30 years.” In further conversation, Doug talked about how the laughter and camaraderie that naturally occurred was amazing and that with so many new employees having recently joined his team, it was a great bonding experience for everyone.

So if you are looking to attract and retain top talent for your organization the Sledge Hockey Experience is for you. If you’ve always dreamed of excelling on the job (and perhaps dreamed about playing high-level hockey) then consider partnering with Kevin Rempel, Paralympian medal winner at the 2014 Sochi Winter Paralympics.

Together, you’ll create a team experience second to none and turn your dream of a perfect recruitment and retention record into a'll create a team experience second to none and position yourself as an employer who is eager to engage and retain your top talent. Score a goal with the Sledge Hockey Experience.

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